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Sonja Stone developed a taste for life on the lam at an early age, as her family moved to more than a dozen small towns across the country and abroad before she turned fifteen. She collected intel on psychology and creative writing from Washington College, trained at Le Cordon Bleu for a cover job as head pastry chef, and completed a handful of courses at the same survival school where Tom Hanks prepared for Cast Away. Currently, she’s raising two covert agents masquerading as typical teenagers. Just to be safe, Sonja’s learned to throw knives, fire guns, and navigate the desert, because…well, you never know.

Booklist: "Readers who enjoyed Marie Lu’s Legend series or James Dashner’s Maze Runner trilogy will appreciate this fast-paced action novel."

Sonja Stone

School Library Journal: "YA readers seeking blockbuster adventure may want to consider Desert Dark by debut novelist Sonja Stone, set in a secret CIA training school in the wilds of Arizona."

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